Dentist Niles We're Moving
Niles Dental Center is Moving!
6225 W Touhy, Chicago, IL  60646
I am pleased to announce that Niles Dental Center will be merging with Edgebrook Dental Associates and moving to a new location.  Dr Sam Dauahera and I will be combining our offices and moving to the new location later this spring.  It is a new facility in a stand alone building located across the street from the Leaning Tower in Niles.  The address is 6225 W Touhy Ave in Chicago.  It is only 1.3 miles away from our current location and has plenty of parking around the building. 
Our phone number will stay the same: (847) 647-2202
I am merging with Dr Sam because he practices very similarly to me:  high tech with personal involvement for each patient.  He will treat you with honesty and fairness as I have for years.
Also joining us will be my current staff.  You will see and talk with all the familiar faces that you are used to seeing at Niles Dental Center.  The same people just in a new location. Together with Dr Sam Dauahera we will also have greater doctor availability and appointment times.
The new location will be equipped with new imaging technology.  We will be able to perform CT scans of the jaws on site and get immediate information that is needed for implant placement, bone grafting and endodontic treatment.  Nitrous Oxide sedation will also be available.
Our current denture lab will also be joining us at the new office.  This will allow denture fabrication to be performed in house with fewer visits and in less time.
I realize that change can be difficult, but the staff and I will make this transition as smooth as possible for you.  With the improvements we are implementing I am confident that you will get the beautiful and healthy smile that you deserve.
This move should be completed by July 31, 2021.
Roger J Pogorzelski, DDS